March 11, 2015

Solar Energy

Ramselec Solar

The Benefits of Solar Energy

 1.       Solar Energy will save you money

Once you have had a solar power system installed in your home you will notice an immediate positive impact on your energy bills. Thanks to the innovative design of the solar power systems fitted by Ramselec Electrical Solutions you will be able to successfully reduce your reliable on the electrical grid.

If you have a large enough installation it is entirely possible to disconnect from the grid and make your home self-reliant, saving you a lot of money in the long-run.

 2.       Solar Energy and Income Generation

Thanks to their innovative design solar power panels are constantly drawing energy from the sun, even when not being actively used. To encourage more homeowners to adopt solar energy systems the Federal Government offers generous incentives to households that qualify.

These incentives allow local utility companies to pay you for the excess energy that you produce either with cash or through credits on your account.

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3.      Solar Energy and Higher Property Values

While most homeowners consider renovations when attempting to improve the value of their property for resell purposes more and more households are considering the potential financial benefits of a solar power installation.

Thanks to their ability to positively impact domestic electricity bills, the addition of solar power installations can add an average of $20,000 or more to the resell value of your property, this addition is more than most kitchen remodels can bring in. Not just able to improve your property’s energy generation, solar energy is a lasting investment.

 4.       Solar Energy and the Environment

In addition to their extensive financial benefits, solar energy only has positive impacts on the environment. Once installed in your home a solar power installation can improve the wellbeing of both the local and greater environment by:

  • Improving health due to cleaner air, soil, and water thanks to the reduction in fossil fuel pollution
  • Increased energy security thanks to the reduction in reliance on foreign fuel sources
  • A reduction in the severity of pollution and harmful emissions

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